All charging comparisons are using a 2022 Tesla Model Y comparing a mobile connector plugged into a 40 amp 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet and a hard wired 60 amp Tesla Wall Connector

  1. The average round trip commute is around 56 miles in the United States.  The mobile charger will add that amount in 2 hours. The wall connector does it in 1.3 hours, a savings in time of about 45 minutes.  But the wall charger costs twice as much as the mobile connector.
  2. The mobile connector can charge from 0 to fully charged in 11 hours, while the Telsa Wall Connector does it in just under 8.  If you park your car as late at 9:30 pm to leave next morning at 8:30 the mobile charger will have fully charged your Model Y.  The Wall Connector would have stopped sooner, but what does it matter as you were asleep.
  3. The most common reason for peoples' hesitance to buy a fully electric car is range anxiety, the fear of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere.  You can buy 2 mobile connectors for the price of one Wall Connector and always keep one in your Tesla just in case.
  4. The mobile connector is limited to 32 amperes.  So if you plug it into a 50 amp circuit, it will have no effect on charge speed
  5. As long as you have the right guage extension cord, people have plugged the mobile connector into a standard house plug to charge.  You can see a discussion on it at  Always be safe though and double check with a professional.
  6. Bonus Tip!, unlike the Tesla Wall Connector, the Mobile Connector has no cord organization and doesn't have that cool look.  But you can get that with the, check it out.

Finally, there is a cool site that has a bunch of information on charging speeds and Tesla accessories.